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A video game which aims to teach children about global hunger has been released by the United Nations. When I get time, will try it out…
Calling a spade a spade, IMF and World Bank undemocratic. Meanwhile, there is economic growth in Africa, but people are still poor. That is because the world financial systems are completely skewed, amongst other things ofcourse... We already know that. The African ministers should be applauded and now the next question becomes, what happens if IMF and World Bank relent perhaps and allow a modicum of real contribution of voices and real action? In my opinion, I doubt that it would happen expeditiously, this could take years. Regional integration is something that can enhance the ‘African voice’. If we can trade with each other more, and create a more solid bloc, perhaps the IMF and the World Bank may have to think twice. We are in the correct direction however, EAC (I think it is now a customs union) specifically has made huge strides in this direction. We have so many organizations, COMESA, NEPAD, AU, all with different budgets, what if they were consolidated? Streamline the mandates that are alike and create sub organizations to handle ‘special circumstances’. The fast tracking of African integration should perhaps be one of the most important things we could do, in conjunction with what the African ministers are doing. Burn the candle from both ends. For those in the Diaspora, contribution to such organizations should be encouraged. AU does not have a way to contribute online right now. Contact info here.
Relevant books that I read awhile ago that may pertain to this…Hertz, Noreena - The Silent takeover ,Soros, George - Soros on Globalization .I am yet to read The Debt Threat also by Noreena Hertz.

The world in the last 24 hrs. A great summary by soj.
BTW, isn't Bono quite cool? I feel like making something for him. My beading skills are lacking, perhaps I can pick up something for him from Maasai market when I go home later in the year. Just a thought...I checked for U2 tickets and most of their shows are sold out. Anyone reading this and going for the U2 concert, please carry a placard saying “Thank you, from Africa!” For real, he does a lot in championing debt relief.

I saw this story on weapons (soj linked to it), and it reminded me of Koranteng Toli’s words
“The one thing that all the developed countries in the world insist upon is that they have the right to sell you weapons systems. They'll disagree about aid, their protective tariffs or debt relief, but if your poor country needs guns, by God, it's your right to find a supplier (and preferably ours).”
Can you smelt weapons and turn them in farm machinery? One can dream…

BTW, Check Kenyan pundit on githongo, and now Gladwell Otieno on Kenya’s fight against corruption.
Watched Sahara the movie...Favorite part was the humongous solar farm, and to a small extent, the guy who was merovingian on matrix reloaded.


Anonymous mshairi said...

I agree with you about Bono. There is a dignity about him and a real feeling that he passionately feels what he says. This, in my opinion, is not what I get from Bob Geldolf.

4/16/2005 10:40 PM  
Blogger Afromusing said...

The coolest Mshairi on the kenyan blongosphere...I missed the whole Bob Geldorf brouhaha, i think it was more like i just tuned out.The whole thing just didnt sit well with me. You know like when you hear something and you instinctively say..ai wacha niache tu.

4/17/2005 7:06 PM  

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