Captions amok on MSNBC.

Freedom is on the march...
MSNBC Today ~ 12:47CST. A commercial is interrupted to show a live Bush appearance. The banner at the bottom of the screen proclaimed "President Bush talks about the Schiavo case" What I hear from the president is the following:
- Something about spreading freedom
- Elections in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine. (I don't know if he implies that Ukraine had elections because W intervened...)
(some of the lines sounded like verbatim reproductions from his other speeches..Major Deja Vu moment here)
- the first voter was a woman
- Freedom is on the march here...(hand extended over the podium as is his tradition)
- People are willing to be free given the chance, and they voted despite the terrorists. (He repeated "despite the terrorists" for good measure)
If you want more info, check out the press release on the WH website. I don't know why I'm kinda scared of providing the link... yeah I chickened out.
The caption finally changed to "President bush talks about freedom in Iraq"
Note to MSNBC: Wait to see what he is going to say before putting a caption! Those captions are so in your face, you'd expect them to at least be accurate.
I had something to attend to...Exit.

"Freedom is on the march" Its like burned in my brain, i need another slogan to dislodge this one ...or i might have to go see a shrink.

Oh i know just the cure! Check out billmon better!


Blogger M said...

Ridiculous for Bush to preach about democracy and then in the UN and the world stage practice anything but!

3/22/2005 12:17 AM  
Blogger Afromusing said...

I agree, he and his party have basically overused many words and redefined
them to suit their agenda. From
Kossary , Words
they often spew when talking to emerging countries.
PRIVATIZE, v. To steal the resources of the national community and give them
to private business.
DEMOCRACY, n. My way or the highway.
DEMOCRATIC ALLY, n. Any democracy, monarchy, plutocracy, oligarchy or
dictatorship--no matter how ruthless--that verbally supports American diplomatic
and economic goals.
FREEDOM, n. What Arabs want but can't achieve on their own without Western
military intervention. It bears a striking resemblance to chaos.
HUMBLE FOREIGN POLICY, n. The invasion of any sovereign nation whose leadership
Republicans don't like.
MODERNIZE, v. To do away with, as in modernizing Social Security, labor laws,
CLEAN, adj. The word used to modify any aspect of the environment Republican
legislation allows corporations to pollute, poison, or destroy.
ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES, n. New locations to drill for oil and gas.
BALANCED, adj. 1. favoring corporations (a more balanced approach to the
environment.); 2. favoring conservatives (fair and balanced reporting).
CLIMATE CHANGE, n. Global warming, without that annoying suggestion that something is wrong.
VERY CLEAR, adj. Modifier used immediately before any preposterous explanation or rationale.

They are soo many...and growing. Freedom is on the march sounds more like...post your suggested interpretation...

3/22/2005 4:56 PM  

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