Kenyan Rapper Jal's story on USA Today

Thanks JJR for sending me this link about Jal, a former child soldier turned rapper. He sings about PEACE. Profound.
"Earlier this month, his debut album —Gua, which means peace in his native Nuer language — had hit No. 4 on the Kenyan charts. The songs mix messages of peace, delivered in staccato English, Arabic and Nuer, with Jal's personal tale."

I will be away for a week, Check back... blog you later!


Blogger Githush said...

I believe this story was on th BBC website a while back. I remember seeing it just after the SPLA and Sudan signed their cam peace agreement.
Lakini, its good to see someone turning their violent past, into hopeful limits. Unlike to kawaid MO of turning it into gansta rap.

3/17/2005 9:55 AM  

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