"Anxious Masculinity"

As undermining American political culture, an interview of Stephen Ducat on buzzflash . An interesting look at the 'right'.
Snip**Buzzflash: Briefly, how would you define "anxious masculinity?"
Stephen J. Ducat: It's a culture based on male domination and a culture in which most things feminine tend to be devalued, even if they are secretly envied.

Femininity is seen as a contaminant, and there is an attempt to repudiate those aspects of one’s self that seem feminine. This is something that fundamentalists around the world share.

I would be curious to hear his psychoanalysis of Kiraitu Murungi. A man who said "What the donors are doing is like raping a woman who is already willing," then laugh at that...I am getting a headache just considering the psychoanalytic assessment of the leaders in Kenya. Just to be clear, i am not insinuating that they are wingnuts. Do they realise that its a no win situation when they steal money from the kenyan people? The classic "shooting yourself in the foot" situation only this time you not only shoot yourself, but your extended family too, then blame other people for pointing that you about to shoot your heart!


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