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Happened to pick up The christian Science monitor yesterday April 5th, and was pleasantly surprised to find 3 articles about africa, and an editorial about Zim. The editorial looked at the struggle for democracy in Zim and Ukraine,pointed out: Ukraine - well fed masses, zim, people are hungry. Ukraine - judiciary ruled in favor of a new election, Zim - Courts have yet to take up the opposition's legal challenges to the 2002 elections.
The other story by 'World reporter on the job' Mike Crawley was on Imam Demba Diawara, a leader in the village of Ker Simbara Senegal. He learned how to read and inspired others.Get this...the number of projects underway; community owned store, Day care ctr, Medical clinic once a week and literacy classes. This was a great positive story. The other story was on rising opposition to FGM (female genital mutilation) in senegal. This was also by Mr. Crawley.
Factoid from another story therein: In 1900 19% of Africans were catholic, as of 2000 that percentage is 33.
For those following news on Sudan, there was also a story about Summits to tackle the Sudan crisis in Cairo Egypt. The G word (genocide) is not used, CSM quoted the UN calling it the 'worst humanitarian crisis'. Note: Egypt's foreign minister defended the Sudanese stand to not try the genocidaires by ICC, but to implement the peace accords. Check out this from Nicholas Kristof of IHT about the hypocrisy on darfur.
To watch: Upcoming international conference on AID to sudan held next week in Norway.


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