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Foster’s home for imaginary friends: Cartoon network
Sundays 10:30am CST.

It is a repeat, but I did not mind at all since I wanted to blog about it since seeing it the first time. The story starts with the home having a leaky roof.This might be a little long but stick with me if you would. Bloo literally has a light bulb moment,to sell lemonade to raise money for the roof. He is outside trying to sell the lemonade. The best friend comes and points out the problem, it is dead of winter. Bloo insists…’I seen it in the movies!’ Mrs. Foster brings them warm cookies, because it was a nice thing bloo did… A passerby sees the cookies and wants one. Flash bulb moment,they start selling the cookies. They keep selling them as more people come back for more.Problem, Mrs. foster only bakes the special cookies once a year. Bloo cannot accept this, so he tries to get the others on board with him because he sees an opportunity to ‘make some dough…you know like dough’. To get them on board he cites stuff like we’ll be helping Mrs. Foster, and I will “Cut each of you a slice of the pie”, Eduardo says ‘I thought we were making cookies’. Bloo convinces the imaginary friends with all the sales pitches you can think of.
They steal the cookie recipe. Mr. Harriman the home admin, bloo flatters him by calling him Mr. Chairman, gets him on board ‘to get in on the ground’...All the middle management diatribes you have come across continuously spew from bloo’s mouth to motivate production. When  Mrs. foster finds out, bloo says ‘Its business baby don’t blame me, blame our capitalist society” He negotiates for rights to the recipe with the help of two big fish lawyers, complete with one of them reading the fine print disclaimers ala’ those ads we are so inundated with.Frankie loves the cookies, buys dozens of boxes and eats them maniacally. Bloo gets pushy and inconsiderate. Frankie disappears and continues to eat the cookies. Greed meanwhile is personified by Bloo who forbids his friends from watching ‘his’flat screen TV. He buys a yacht ‘the Bloositania’ walks around with a crown, and now has a butler. Harriman becomes a lapdog to bloo and has a big portrait of bloo the founder in his office. Bloo’s best friend Mac can’t get Harriman or Frankie to rein in bloo from being a total jerk face. The cookies stop selling because there is no secret ingredient – love. Bloo tells Mac ‘you just don’t understand the art of the sale’ then tries to revamp the business ‘stop the presses!’ he yells. Wilt: ‘Wait, I thought we were making cookies!’ To revamp, Bloo introduces: Clear cookies u can see through and just see the chocolate, Septuplet chocolate chip cookies – not double not triple,Cookie roll ups, 3 flavor, regular, nacho and ranch, Change focus of the company: Merchandising out the wazoo, Super size the cookies.

Blue gets a machine to replace Eduardo, tells him he has to downsize because of flagging sales, fires everyone except the oven since it was under contract. Everyone leaves, including his best friend. He is left to make the cookies by himself. Looking at an egg, ‘how do you open these things?’ He is impatient, turns up the heat in the oven and blows up the kitchen and the roof.
He is dejected and apologizes, calling himself the lowest form of life, lower than a single cell paramecium. He is forgiven by his friends. Mrs. foster becomes the jerk face now overseeing the lemonade stand that is now making money since it is summer.Frankie is still eating the cookies like there is no tomorrow.

You can probably see the commentary onentrepreneurship, business ethics,supply and demand,greed and remuneration of CEO’s; most of all,consumerism. All this from one episode of a cartoon. Bravo Mr. McCracken.What a wonderful show.  



Anonymous Mentalacrobatics said...

LOL. I love cartoons. You should see the Tom and Jerry when Tom's cousin who looks identical to Tom but is scared of mice comes to visit. Not too many lessons for life though unlike akina Bloo!

4/05/2005 5:00 PM  
Blogger Afromusing said...

Thanks for reading the whole thing, it was kinda long :)I will watch out for that episode, haven't seen that one yet.

4/06/2005 10:21 PM  
Blogger jjray said...

Great post. Glad to see they still make cartoons with thought as opposed to martial arts / super hero variety.

4/07/2005 10:06 AM  

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