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Please KJ could you blog?
Update:For Xenon, the translation of the above toon. "Ole Ntimama, we know of, but this ole brosekui, whose child is he?"
note:Ole Ntimama is a Kenyan Maasai member of parliament. In african culture, most people are identified by their parentage. Thus 'Child of' = 'Ole' in Maasai tribe, 'Wa' in Kikuyu, 'Arap' in Kalenjin etc.
I bet you already gathered about the 'nolle prosequi', which is latin legalese for what AG wako did about LucySlap and CholmondeleyShot.


Lay off the Press

I am incensed to no end when I read about the AG Amos Wako saying that the media is biased and intolerant. Really? Mr. Wako, biased and intolerant? We are hearing this from you? Right now? After all the nolle prosequi's you've thrown about? Lucy Kibaki going on and on about how she is being persecuted by the press, the WH blaming Newsweek for the deaths in the Arab world resulting from riots due to the now retracted story about the Koran being flushed in Guantanamo bay. BTW, The Koran may indeed have been flushed[I dont mean to sound insensitive to the Koran here]. “Newsweek was wrong about its source, right about the story”
I admire journalists and consider their profession quite noble. They often put their lives on the line for us to be informed. Just a few names to think of… Mohammed Amin , Daniel Pearl, David Bloom of NBC, Giuliana Sgrena, and many others around the world. We blog about the stories they cover, yet I wonder if we really appreciate what it takes for us to read the story.
Remember when Journalists were arrested willy nilly in the Nyayo years, now that we have a semblance of democracy, the importance of the press cannot be underestimated. The press helps us hold the [Kenyan] govt’s feet to the fire. (There are arguments for baking said govt at a decent temperature till the resulting MP’s can be more pragmatic and do more than just pass 1 bill in 1 year, and make exorbitant health provisions for themselves + 2 wives and 8 bambinos.
It seems to me that when the press reports on issues that rub the govt the wrong way, the government reps start making statements like…first to VP Moody Awori [he made some other statements here that kind of made sense lakini…]
“The VP gave the example of the Kenyan constitutional debate and said that although it dominated the news, journalists should also tell the story that the government is functioning better than it did two years ago.” Hmm I think that may be debatable. Correct me if I am wrong.
Now to Scott McLennan
“"It's puzzling that while Newsweek now acknowledges that they got the facts wrong, they refused to retract the story," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said. "I think there's a certain journalistic standard that should be met and in this instance it was not."
"The report has had serious consequences," McClellan said. "People have lost their lives. The image of the United States abroad has been damaged."”
Cough* Illegal Iraq*cough*War*cough*Abu Ghraib*. [Link to Kos’ Pot Meet Kettle]
That is not to say that the media doesn’t have issues, we all know media both in the US and Kenya have issues. Allow me to reiterate “M Vs Daily Nation” Result: They published an acknowledgement of their obvious error. Charles Onyango-Obbo (love his writing btw!) wrote that the Kenyan media is facing a credibility crisis. That is self reflection in a reality based way. I think the media does realize that their bread and butter depends on us readers being able to trust them to report the story, uh and pay for it too. Like all relationships you can’t expect it to be all rosy all the time. Now about the Newsweek scandal check out Stephan Richter’s take on the REAL Newsweek scandal. If you thought for one moment that PBS is a safe place to chill out from the ranting of Bill Oreilly on fox, well ,tivo the programs right now, coz apparently the conservatives want to influence that too. Check out Media Matters for America “Hands off my PBS!” The interview of the new CPB president. (He doesn’t listen to much public radio – btw, Jason Beaubien of NPR covered the Kenyan elections so wonderfully I could give him a Pulitzer!)
Before govt spokesmen get to pointing fingers at the press, how about some self reflection and some reality based analyses of what is REALLY going on? Something about removing logs from one’s eyes and all that? Could Lucy at least replace Clifford Derrick’s camera? Please?


Oh what a bloggy web we weave

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Hat tip to JJR! check out this story: Run Lornah Run Amazing piece.
"Without courage you cannot stand and talk"
Lornah Kiplagat.


"Mnyonge hana haki" (the poor have no rights)

The criminal case against Lucy Kibaki has been thrown out. Link Check out Adrian's great post on Justice made in kenya. Please comment there so we can track the diff contributions in one place...ama?

The magistrate said: "The court feels the nolle prosequi goes against public expectations. It tramples on the right of the vulnerable and the hopeless in society.
"Whichever way the court feels, it could complain about the circumstances of presentation but can't ever reject a nolle prosequi. That is the law and I am bound by it." Mr Otieno objected to the nolle prosequi, saying it had not been signed by the AG and that there were no proceedings before the court for the AG to take over and purport to terminate.
"I am disappointed. All I can say is we need a new constitution. Mnyonge hana haki (The poor have no rights)," said Mr Otieno.

If you are a kenyan lawyer or well versed in Kenyan law, is there a provision somewhere that can buck this stifling rationale given by mr murgor? ( I doubt, but who knows what can happen when you have bloggers who can chambua (analyze and breakdown) things. They need to hurry and put the laws of kenya online for free.Bankelele blogged about it. Link. You can click here for a link to a pay per use site (the link is via KenyanPundit whose comments on this are anticipated, albeit by many bloggers)


literally ROF..

Head on corrision on Nationmedia. I hope KJ doesnt mind me posting it here. Posted by Hello


How about hygrid for Kenya?

There was a great article in Wired Magazine about hygrid. (plugging into the energy grid and feeding your excess energy generated from privately owned solar systems.) They finally have a link to the story. The writer Daniel Pink is quite witty. “…hygrid is the new prius”. He titles the piece “The new power generation” ala Prince’s band (how cool). Anyway, now to the meat and potatoes of the article…The main pieces of hygrid are the inverter which is tied to the grid, solar panels, battery panel, storage tanks for solar heated water & geothermal heat pumps.
“Thanks to advances in technology and changes in public policy over the past 10 years, however the cost of solar has nearly halved again and continues to fall, according to the US National Renewable energy Lab” It can still be pricey to hygrid he points out, but some states subsidize homeowners who want to use solar and other renewable energy sources. “If hygridders produce more energy than they can use or store, local utilities are required to buy it from them and credit their electric bills

This is amazing to me. Imagine for a moment that the focus of Kenya's energy policy could include this idea into its current framework, and that of solar in general. I bet we have several mechanical and electronic engineers who can hook this up. I was glad to read from Bankelele that Barclays would provide loans for solar energy projects. Tax cuts from the government would also help the already overtaxed populace. Imagine setting up a solar system for your family, not getting a bill, instead getting a check as credit for selling back your energy to Kenya power. Solarbuzz has some great information on solar energy, including conferences and fairs coming up. In Kenya, solagen, kenital etc.

Side note: Via Kenyan Embassy
Prof. Wangari Maathai's Meeting with Kenyans
We wish to kindly inform that Prof.Wangari Maathai''s meeting with Kenyan nationals this Friday, May 13, 2005, at the Embassy will run between 6.00-8.00 p.m. Kenya EmbassyWashington, D.C.
UPDATE: There were some great ideas in the comments section, just wanted to include them here..
Mental: "This would be espically useful for places where KP&L feel it is uneconomical to operate."
Memoire:"I was thinking about the excesses of vehicle use in Kenya and the gvt ought also to be quick about developing a train/tram network in Nbi/major towns otherwise Kenya will go down the US route of over-contributing to pollution levels."
MJY:"Setting up a solar system is not just a good idea financially but also for our environment. We are already placing a huge burden on mother earth yet she so readily gives us safer, natural options."


Uganda: Long term goal? INDEPENDENCE from AID.

From Xinhua Link Read the whole story, its not that long.I like museveni's way of thinking. This is the problem...ok how are we going to fix it...and get on with it!
[snip]Following the end of political turmoil in 1986, Uganda embarked on major economic reforms which are today responsible for the growth in economy, which is mainly based on agriculture. The growth is now attracting many foreign investors to the country. It is on this basis that the Ugandan government is now looking at the possibilities of mobilizing resources from within rather than depending on donor aid that has many strings attached to achieve a self-sustained economy. [snip]
Observers said if measures are implemented cautiously, problems handled properly, Uganda will certainly achieve the goal of a self-sustained economy.[snip]


Privacy shprivacy.

From Wired .Link
Zaba Search makes available your name, address, phone number, age and satellite photo (globe explorer) of where you live. I didnt believe it till i tried it out. Two sides to the coin, though i am abit freaked out by it.


Solar Backpack

Solar Backpack: with a range of adapters for cellphone, cd, etc.Very cool Posted by Hello


lucy saga continues...

Video is available on the standard website. Link Lucy says that kenyans do not understand her role. link I am reminded of Githush's piece on first ladies. I think she has set the women's movement back. Its bad enough that kenyan women deal with chauvinism, this incident will come up when a woman is on the cusp of real power. Sorely dissapointed. Anyway, here are the highlights from the article in nation.

The media, she said, "must start respecting the President by addressing him through his rightful title... His Execellency the President or Mr President". [snip]
"I told them to pack up the band and play normal music, but they refused. They packed up the band and continued with loud music inside the house. I sat outside by my swimming pool until 4am because I could not sleep." [snip]
However, she said, in storming the house, she was also doing so on behalf of Muthaiga residents whose rights she has championed for 30 years, as a senior citizen. "The residents come to me for assistance when they have no water, power or such noise and I have always come to their rescue.
"I was doing it out of instinct. I have done this before all my life. I was doing it on behalf of Muthaiga residents especially those who live on Tchui Road. They always plead with me for help."
But she denied that her children – Judy and David – were at the party, saying they were "too dignified to go to nightclubs".
Mrs Kibaki also took issue with Press reports that she had recorded a statement with the police. "I have never recorded a police statement since I was born," she said. [snip]
Mrs Kibaki defended herself against accusations that she had directed arrests of certain individuals such as Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo. "Those who say that I directed the arrests of sijui who... Ndolo, or whoever, are liars; of what benefit would that be to me?" she posed.

speaking of Ndolo, is he still in jail? He needs to be set free ASAP.

"But you do not have to be so nasty to other people. You have been nasty and unkind to us ... English words to describe what you have done to us fail me," she said, suppressing tears. [snip]
On her role as First Lady, she said the press had targeted her for "condemnation and constant criticism" because they did not understand what she was supposed to do and how she was supposed to behave. The fact that Kenya has not had a First Lady for many years and one as daring and as brave as her, made Mrs Kibaki the target of "a nasty mainstream press".

Noticed, no apology yet to the KTN journalist she slapped. That should have been the first thing she said before addressing any other of her concerns. She wants us to feel sorry for her? Meanwhile, MP's and religious leaders are speaking out about this and taking Kibaki to task.


it aint over - lucy oh lucy! on a 5 min? hunger strike.

link wassapangaz also had an entry She demanded Diop arrested (no chance of this - diplomatic immunity) This has ceased to be funny. Highlights from the article.

Mrs Kibaki confiscated notebooks, pens, cameras and tape recorders from journalists who were following her protests.
[Snip] "I am not leaving this place until I get the person who said I was at Muthaiga Police station... I also want my lawyer," she told her security at 12.45 pm.
Mrs Kibaki at one point slapped Kenya Television Network cameraman Clifford Derick, who was recording her.
[snip] When internet editor Churchill Otieno arrived in the newsroom, she walked straight for him and asked: "Are you the editor? I am here to know why you are writing lies about me. I want to know who at Muthaiga police station gave you the story. After you tell me I will go straight to the studio and record my statement." [snip]
At one point she expressed her regrets: "This a very backward job, now you have a very juicy news," then she broke into laughter
"You are writing and showing lies about me. Why dont you show Kenyans the other side?" she asked.

Then the First Lady declared at 1.20 am that she was going on a hunger strike at Nation Centre.
The hunger strike lasted 5 minutes?
Five minutes later, she ordered her security to go and fetch for her food from the State House. She later called and ordered breakfast.

One minute i am laughing, then i am sad(She slapped a dude... WTF?????), then i laugh again at the 5 minute hunger strike. Damn i need a hug. .

Plus Zell Miller was on Daily Show, his book "The deficit of deceny". I am still shaking my head as it is probably the biggest misnomer i have heard. Its a long story wooie from last year's convention where Zell (a so called Dem) went awol on the Republican convention, then challenged chris matthews (a news pundit) to a duel. The man was on a tirade, and he is taking about decency? He made a stab at gangster, or did he call them yankster rappers?
Ai, too much, all together now...wooosaaah, wooosah.

Odds and ends

It sounds like its first lady week: Crooks and liars has clip of Laura Bush apparently getting a standing ovation for telling a thorough joke. link I watched it and i didn't find it that funny (perhaps since its been overplayed?) for a transcript click here Via Surfer girl of slate who say's Take my president. Please she wasnt laughing much, and she was there at the dinner.
BTW, did anyone catch the Bush press conference last thursday? I seriously wanted to give my American friends a hug. (As in pole!)

Dont know what to make of this story about CNN spamming bloggers. It is unsubstantiated, lakini i'll include it since most of you guys are bloggers...

From xinhua news agency SA is investigating claims of radiation. Mr. Mbeki's remarks are kinda weird though. contrast these statements from the same story.

Their plight came to the fore after an occupational health expert found that out of a sample of 23 former Pelindaba workers, 10 showed signs of having been exposed to hazardous substances "which could cause adverse health effects."
Mr Mbeki says

I am deeply disturbed by the reckless statements that have been made regarding the Pelindaba nuclear emissions and how these are affecting the people of Atteridgeville," Mbeki said.
"These are statements made without foundation and are, in my view, totally impermissible. We cannot go on scaring people about something that does not exist."

Isnt this the same dude who was wishy washy about AIDS?(cant specifically recall his statements) 10 out of 23. Doesnt that even warrant a question mark in his brain? Then get this..
Minerals and Energy Minister Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said the government intended to pass legislation to make it a punishable offense to spread allegations which resulted in unnecessary panic or incitement

Check out Ethan z's blog, he has pictures drawn by children in Darfur. Link Some modicum of good news, via allafrica, AU is doubling peace keeping forces.

This by Toli made me laugh.
"Good resolutions are like babies crying in church, they should be carried out immediately." - Modern Ghanaian proverb.