the mystery of the hanging leaf

Guess how come the leaf is suspended...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

spider web :p

now where's my prize.


9/19/2005 12:35 AM  
Blogger Milonare said...

I think it was mis-tree-ted...

Or maybe it Chloro-fell???

9/19/2005 1:10 AM  
Blogger Nakeel said...

It did not want to get down so it chose to hang in there..
No u caught it as it was going down

9/19/2005 1:40 AM  
Anonymous maitha said...

must be Phoenix from the X-Men she always does that

9/19/2005 3:53 AM  
Blogger UARIDI said...

It changed its mind halfway to the ground

9/19/2005 7:58 AM  
Blogger Medusa said...

first thot- caught in a web
silly thot- its almost fall season..

9/19/2005 9:21 AM  
Anonymous Mentalacrobatics said...

manze i missed this compe! could you possibly rewind and come again! (i would have guessed bees wax or the tree was on the ground and it was laying on top or sumthin!

9/20/2005 4:33 AM  
Anonymous Bukusu said...

Thats proof there is GOD..

God is holding the leaf

9/20/2005 9:41 AM  
Blogger Afromusing said...

jav u win..the prize was a nancy drew PC game.(I neglected to mention this when i posted so it will be up for grabs when i come across something mysterious next time) I dont think you'll be claiming that...

Milo: You kill me every single time...enyewe its all yellow and stuff..

Nakeel: Nice one!
Maitha: Mchimbi wewe..(i think i will keep calling you that till you complain). Phoenix does tend to do that :) Oh oh, how about this one, niko must have been there (his avatar ahem credit milo...) musta spun the web lol

Uaridi: I like! It just doesnt follow the wind ovyo ovyo, ama it knows about Anti gravity (see nick cooks book)

Medusa: Technically if jav doesnt claim the prize, you get it! Like Nancy Drew?

Mental: Pole! good one..will give you a heads up next time :)

Bukusu: hmmm?

9/20/2005 6:33 PM  
Anonymous Mama Mia said...

hehe ... nice one!!

4/18/2006 10:03 AM  
Blogger OBAT ABORSI said...


3/12/2016 11:06 PM  

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