Better poll question please?

link to Nationmedia article.
Q:"If elections were held now, who would you vote for?"

Shouldn't the question be about the ISSUE MOST IMPORTANT to kenyans in the runup to 2007 elections instead of WHO should be president?

The stats by Steadman group (Havent researched abt the company yet...)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Afromusing. It is annoying that the question was about personalities rather than issues.

What are their policies on the important issues i.e.health, education, the economy, etc.

6/14/2005 3:16 PM  
Blogger Kenyan Pundit said...

For better or worse personalities will continue to drive Kenyan politics... NARC talked the "policy talk" but failed to walk the "policy walk" so I suspect people will be clamoring not just for the right prescriptions, but for the ability to deliver. Unfortunately, I don't see any viable prospectives in Steadman lineup.

6/14/2005 8:31 PM  
Blogger karoki said...

unfortunately our people tend not to look at the issues politicians represent but the pesonality and who they think would be popular. Crowd mentallity. We rarely hear healthcare, education, security, economy, foreign policy..whaddup wid dat??

6/14/2005 11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


its not only our pple, look at the US, look at UK .... pple rarely look at issues in elections ....

6/15/2005 2:46 PM  
Blogger WM said...

I agree with you kabisa. The only problem is that even when they talk issues, they just lie, don't they. Remember that constitution we were going to get chap chap? Remember the end-corruption-at-all-costs? Remember the...ah, this is just depressing.

6/15/2005 4:58 PM  
Blogger Shiroh said...

I have to take lessons on Kenyan politics nimeshindwa kabisa.

how comes i have never been interviewed by anyone or anyone i know has never been interviewed that research is quite crap i think.

6/16/2005 2:50 AM  
Anonymous bukusu said...


Why you may never have been interviewed .... Maybe someone thinks you will not vote, you will talk, you will post comments on blogs, but on election day, you may not stand in the sun for 3-4 hours to vote :)

Same logic with the US etc .. they say that most middle aged, middle class, happy pple - just discuss politics, we go to rallies to pick up like minded women :) or men .... but come election day - we are too 'busy'

Imagine what could have happened in the US if all the 'college' age students they kept featuring on TV as swing voters came out to vote

6/16/2005 9:51 AM  
Blogger karoki said...

you can count me in the 7%. not for anyone. Anyone of the above charcters that does not know the meaning of a "fade" is too old to be president.

6/17/2005 3:07 AM  

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