more on rwanda and aftermath in the congo..the genocide continues

Article by Michael Kavanagh More happening now in Congo, a continuation of what happened in Rwanda. When the Hutus genocidaires were driven out of Rwanda, they went into congo and are linked to part of the FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda) What a misnomer. Here is a detailed report from crisis web dated 17 Dec 2004. Recent article in Allafrica indicate a more refugees fleeing the eastern DRC into Uganda. I am just beginning to study the issue. Meanwhile, AU is paying lip service (Or is it just too broke?) BTW, africans in the diaspora need to contribute to the AU too, the site is actually not too bad, there is an anthem too! A section to contribute online (ala' the red cross and UN sites) to specific programmes would be great, please send them an email for them to consider this,i couldnt find a pr contact on their site, i sent an email to Directorate of Administration dadmin@africa-union.org if you come up with a better contact, please comment...
I dont feel like contributing (though meager) to the UN and see them move slowly or have whatever needs to be done be vetoed by the big 5 members of the security council.(Do note that i still like the idea of the the UN and they have had some major successes in conflict resolution. I believe it is an important instituition, though not suited? or unwilling or handicapped in dealing with African issues) AU seems to be the hope that Africans can look towards in terms of resolving uniquely African issues. Currently reading Koigi Wa Wamwere's Negative Ethnicity, published by Seven Stories Press. In the first chapter he notes that Negative ethnicity is one of the leading causes of death in Africa (manifest in terms of conflicts rwanda, kenyan tribal issues etc). I dont know...negative ethnicity sounds soo loaded, wacha i see what he is saying...


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