Nuclear Waste Dumping in Kenya..questions

The exclusive appeared in the standard..
The article on Allafrica
The sites in question are Modica, Shanta Abak and Amuma in Garissa District, Gal, Adow and Arbajahan in Wajir and Elwak in Mandera District.
Another article by Boniface Ongeri and Victor Obure
All the articles talk of an American Company, but does not name the company nor its location in the US. Why is this so and can we find out which company it is. What fora can be used to address this issue, International Court? One thing for sure, when dealing with America, go for the companies' checkbook. Some high powered legal machinations would have to occur.Lets start with a time frame, the announcement by moi was made in 1983. I've dug in Lexis nexis and did not find anything yet,(nothing in the energy and utility news) i will continue digging using other sources.
A visit to the region reveals that the company excavated deep trenches and later covered them with concrete slabs.
Residents who were employed by the company as casuals during the purported exploration confided that they would be unceremoniously laid off whenever the depth of the trenches reached a certain level.
"The top company managers would herd us from the site whenever the project reached a certain stage," says Hassan, who was one of the casual labourers.
He further intimated that huge loads from trucks would be offloaded at the sites just before the labourers were laid off, fuelling speculation that the company did not wish the locals to see the contents.

More pictures from the standard would be helpful because the public needs to react to this in order for something to be done. Besides, it would not be for naught if the pics made their way to international media (Oh that's a joke...laugh hertily o.k! it wont be covered in america, maybe by bloggers, but cnn wont touch it unless the story gets too big) Recall the reaction to nestle decades ago, when the public found out about their illegal practices in africa involving baby formula, i.e telling women formula was better than natural mother's milk- It changed how they do business. Ofcourse i am assuming that an 'American Company' is actually a company and not...
Nema also heard that residents in the affected areas had suffered from strange skin illnesses, throat cancer, barrenness and giving birth to children with deformities. Their livestock too gave birth to strange young ones, they claimed.
The pics that are available by standard online edition were of equipment dug up i wonder if there were pics in the print version) No pictures of the people affected...aargh. The land does look quite barren.


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